• 4 Dec 2023
  • 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Ottawa Marriott Hotel 100 Kent Street
  • 3


  • The fee of $795.00 + HST (13%) is $103.35 for a total of $898.35 after-tax.
  • The fee is $995.00 + (13% HST) $129.35 for a total of $1124.35 after-tax.
  • A fee of 150.00 + (13% HST) $19.50 for a total of $169.50 after-tax.
  • A fee of 150.00 + (13% HST) $19.50 for a total of $169.50 after-tax.
  • A fee of 250.00 + (13% HST) $32.50 for a total of $282.50 after-tax.

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (EST)
Ottawa Marriott Hotel | 100 Kent Street


9am Welcome & Housekeeping
Emcee: Bill Dempster, 3Sixty Public Affairs

Keynote: Taking the Pulse of Canadians on Healthcare and National Pharmacare

Craig Worden, President & Chief Innovation Officer, Pollara Strategic Insights

The practice leader at one Canada’s premier national polling firms will set the stage for National Day with research and analysis of Canadian perspectives on the state of health care. He will unpack the impact of those views on national health policy discussions, including on pharmacare.

How the Government Works and How to Work with the Government: A Fireside Chat

Michael Wernick, author of Governing Canada: A Guide to the Tradecraft of Politics, former Clerk of the Privy Council and long-time Deputy Minister, will discuss how governance works both in Ottawa and in terms of inter-governmental relations.

Moderator: Bill Dempster, 3Sixty Public Affairs

Drawing on almost 40 years in the federal public service, recent former clerk of the privy council (a.k.a. the prime minister’s deputy and head of the Canadian public service) Michael Wernick will help participants understand the art of governing this vast federation. He will examine that challenge from the point-of-view of keeping the federal machine operating, especially in the context of complex inter-governmental relations.

10:40am Networking Break

Presentation: The Next Steps in PMPRB Guidelines
Thomas Digby, Chairperson, PMPRB

Moderator: Wayne Critchley, Global Public Affairs

The new Chairperson of the Patented Medicines Prices Review Board (PMPRB) will share perspectives on the evolution of the price review board and next steps for the Guidelines

Keynote: Perspectives on Global Patient Access and Leadership

Jane Lapon, Head of Global Market Access, Photocure

One of Canada’s most successful experts in global market access, Jane will share her perspectives on bringing health technologies from the bench to the bedside while building high-performing teams here in Canada and at the international level. Jane will also share her experience with mentoring up-and-coming market access and life sciences sector leaders.

Moderator:  Rebecca Vieira, Vertex Canada

12:15pm Lunch Break

Panel: Policy Prescriptions from Patients, Clinicians, Developers and Private Health Insurers for National Pharmacare, Rare Disease Policy and Other National Issues

Andrew Casey, BIOTECanada
Shelita Dattani, Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada
Joan Weir, CLHIAKimberley Hanson, Health Partners

Moderator: Brooks Roche, Vertex Canada

Canadian health policy experts from a range of perspectives will discuss current and emerging health policy questions. Hear from patient, clinician, developer and private health benefit provider representatives on national pharmacare, rare disease policy and other key issues.

Panel: Evolution in Collaboration from HTA Through to Public Funding
Suzanne McGurn, President & CEO, CADTH
Douglas Clark, CEO, pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance

Moderator: Imran Ali, Senior Manager, Federal, Ontario and Atlantic, Bristol Myers Squibb Canada

The Canadian drug review and approval process leading to eventual reimbursement has been in a seemingly constant state of flux over the past decade. A case can be made that CADTH and pCPA are jointly the backbone of this system, with both representing critical and pivotal milestones in the overall journey. Hear directly from the leaders at the top of both these organizations as the discussion focuses around how they have, are, and may be planning to collaborate with other parts of the system and importantly with each other.

3:15pm Networking Break

Political Roundtable – Pundit Panel
LIB: Geoff Turner, Bluesky Strategy Group
CPC: Melanie Paradis, Texture Communications
NDP: Kimberley Wright, Wright Strategies

Moderator: Andrew Retfalvi, Global Public Affairs

Once again, the CAHR National Day Planning team is excited to offer a multi-partisan pundits panel which will explore the current political realities in Canada and offer differing point-of-views on what are the key issues, how to manage the agenda and where the country is headed.

4:15pm Closing Remarks

Emcee: Bill Dempster, 3Sixty Public Affairs

Fees include educational sessions, breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks.

MEMBER: $795 + $103.35 (13% HST) = $898.35
NON-MEMBER: $1195 + $155.35 (13% HST) = $1,350.35
*PATIENT / STUDENT ATTENDEE: $150.00 + $19.50 (13% HST) = $169.50
* Registration code required.

Limited number of special discounts available to patient groups and students. Please contact the CAHR office to obtain a code.

CAHR reserves the right to cancel or change speakers, content and date without prior notice assume no liability for these changes.

For cancellations two (2) weeks or more in advance, delegates will receive a 75% refund. For cancellations made less than two (2) weeks in advance, no refunds are given. Delegate substitutions will be accepted at no cost.












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